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HelliXScream's News

Posted by HelliXScream - 1 month ago

Well, that's a silence, i outplayed myself here. Enough stuff happened, but i'm alive, so... hi.

So, where should i start. New music? Well, can't really answer this question... or, can i? Well, because this summer was really hard for my mentality so making new music was my last thing i wanted to do (surprise, huh).

Been a while since my last solo track - "Reach For The Sky". Well, i came to conclusion that this one is my very last one, there won't be many more... with my current sound-design.

Yep, the summer came out really hard for me, but instead of trying to do more new tracks (which was meaning the complete burnout), i started updating my sound-design, that means the leads, kicks, chords that you know well, will be changed. But that doesn't mean that they will not be present, i will keep using them, but not that much.

This might take enough time, i understand. But sometimes, the changes must be done. Alongside with all of that, i started exploring other genres like drum & bass, phonk (might drop one in september, so keep an eye) and some other genres in full force, so i can possibly combine them with hardstyle. So yeah, this is gonna be the real hell of a ride (in a good way).

Any more stuff? Maybe about Geometry Dash? Well, i have something to tell as well, as it's 10th anniversary kicked in recently.

I'm not gonna go deep with this, but my whole journey with music, my path as a person started with this game and it's community, and i made enough of irreplaceable friends because of this game, and i can't be enough grateful for this.

I'm really excited about 2.2 update, since it will come out in October this year, so i hope Robtop won't disappoint us.

And i also can't to not mention my new highlight, which happened during anniversary:iu_1055459_7251577.webp

Yep, this is the first "Featured" level in the game, which contains my work, even if it's a bootleg. I speculated about this a year ago, and it actually happened. Can't be more happy with this. The level ID is 91205564, so make sure to check it out!

So yeah, i did another post here just to tell that i'm alive. All i can say right now - don't expect anything new from me right now! I stated my reason, why. I might upload some of phonk in the meantime. But yeah, you know the drill.

I'm still here. I didn't go anywhere and, hopefully, won't go completely.




Posted by HelliXScream - June 2nd, 2023

Ok, need to break the silence a little. The studying became more harder that it used to be in school, but i'm getting used to it more, but i also having a creativity crisis, so that's why i wasn't active. But, i also have something to reveal.

I'll start straight from the "Birth Of The Uncharted" album. The first half was officially released in April, while we planned to officially release the second half 2-3 weeks later, but... we got some difficulties, but the release is scheduled probably in June. I'll also remind that all album tracks are live on NG, so keep that in mind.

Even though i have a creativity crisis, i still uploaded some of non-album works and got new solos incoming. I'll try to finish them, but June will be very, VERY rough for me.

Besides solos, i also got the new remix incoming. I guess i'll let this picture to talk... XD


(кто знает с какой это серии, тот поймет, что за песню я взял ыыы)

... And that's pretty much it. Don't know what to tell more. Just so you know - i'm still here... yet.



Posted by HelliXScream - May 8th, 2023

I made the videoclip for my new remix of "Find A Way", and it's now live on Youtube! Enjoy


Posted by HelliXScream - May 5th, 2023

hey, two new track are online, enjoy.

Posted by HelliXScream - April 25th, 2023

2017, the year when i discovered Hardstyle and fell in love with it. My journey with this genre started with euphoric tracks from Sound Rush, Frontliner and many more. And who would have thought that in January, 2019 i'll start producing as well...

I decided to go back in time when i began loving Hardstyle, and make the most euphoric track i've done so far. Making my own contribution to the "Golden Era" of harder styles.

Well, can't say more now. Enjoy the preview of my new solo - "City Nights"!



Posted by HelliXScream - March 28th, 2023

Heya, it's me again. I was a bit inactive here, but i'm here with one last remaining track of my album. And also i've got the news about streaming release: the album will be out in two mini-albums (chapters) and the first one will be out on 6th of April on KarmaKontra!

Now that all album tracks are uploaded, i can say: that was something. I managed to pull out a story i wanted to tell through this project, and i managed i guess. I already have the playlist of all album tracks, so you can cross-by and witness the story in one piece. Just like i did with my previous album, i'll do a full mixdown of it, but as two chapters as well. Lastly, one more word... GG.

Pre-save the "First Chapter": https://links.karmakontra.org/hxsbotu-ps



Posted by HelliXScream - February 26th, 2023

Guess who's back with a new remake, but this time it's my most favourite hardstyle anthem of all time. This is my remake of "Unite" by Noisecontrollers, which also might be my first free release as remake, depends on your response.

I had the idea to re-create one of the Defqon.1 anthems quite a while, but since the Release of 2023 edition kicked-off, i finally took the shot. Also we got the anthem by Sub Zero Project for 2023 edition, and i spoke my opinion on this: it's not a bad anthem, you might actually like after relistening it a couple of times. Just like 2020 anthem by D-Block & S-te-Fan. But ofc, it's my opinion and my taste. So, what do you think about new anthem?

Alright, enough water. Enjoy the remake of Unite (Defqon.1 2011 Anthem) and let me know if i should release it for free!

Also, check out my first digital release of 2023:


Posted by HelliXScream - February 9th, 2023

just upload new album music, enjoy.


Posted by HelliXScream - January 14th, 2023

Really excited to tell your inner "Uncharted" soul that my second solo album is DONE! 10 tracks in total, soon will be revealed! Stay tuned! For now, check the other album tracks!





Posted by HelliXScream - January 11th, 2023

4 years ago, my most hardest and the only grind, that keeps me happy, has begun. But the limits are only about to be broken.

Happy Anniversary! #HelliXScreamiu_864819_7251577.png